Scour ever more complex boards, to find all the hidden words. Search your chosen tile, and every tile surrounding it. You only have so many attempts, so make them count!

Check the keyboard after each search for clues about the board contents. It'll tell you if your letter isn't on the board at all, if you've got more of that letter to find, or if you've found every tile with that letter.

Dark Mode

Take a turn on the dark side, with full support for dark mode in iOS - perfect for those late night puzzles to help wind down before sleep.


Unlock challenge mode by building up your winning streak.
Once unlocked, you can dive right in to some of the most difficult challenges.

Game Center

With Game Center you can check on your progress and compare your scores with players across the world
- complete 10 different achievements
- global rankings with 2 leader boards

Game Stats

Track your progress over time with the Game Stats screen

Including a summary and a comprehensive chart with different metrics for each game mode.


  • Searching

    Searching the board starts with your chosen tile, and every tile surrounding it.
    By carefully choosing the right search tile it could help to find letters in multiple words.

  • Keyboard


    After each search, the keyboard letter provides a hint about the board contents.

      more to find
      not on the board
      all found

  • Lives Remaining


    The number of searches you have remaining are shown at the top.
    You can pick up bonuses hidden in the boards to give you extra turns.

  • Power-Ups

    Random power-ups provide a mega search boost, scouring a larger area.

  • ..and downs

    As well as power-ups, be on the lookout for tiles that will lose you an additional turn.
    They are triggerred the next time they are touched by a search... so be careful.

Skirr PRO

You don't need to purchase the game to be able to play.
However... .

  • Benefits


    A one-off in-app purchase unlocks the full game experience, with additional options, greater challenges and more bonuses

  • Words matter

    In Skirr PRO, you can choose from a selection of english language dictionaries*
    Simple - 1000 words
    Common - 4000 words
    Extensive - 10,000 words

  • Keyboard


    In Skirr PRO, the difficulty setting changes how words can be placed on the board for the ultimate word search challenge

  • More Power!

    With a greater chance of getting power-ups and by chaining together these boosts, you can cover the entire board in one search!

*The dictionaries used in Skirr have been specially curated for the game, and every effort has been made to remove offensive language and terminology.


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This game has been developed with no adverts, trackers or third party SDKs of any kind.

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